Feeling dirty & distant?

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Finding it difficult to fit in a quick conversation with “The Big Man Upstairs?” Well you’re not alone. I was having the same issues only a few days ago and I know many people share this feeling.

I found the less I prayed the more distant I felt, until something just came to me … a thought, a feeling that helped me to stop over-thinking it and brought me back to the realization of how simple and powerful the act of praying is.

It’s not that I found it difficult to pray, it was that I was making praying out to be a massive chore that I had to take a huge chunk out of my “busy” schedule to do. So now I have come up with a very simple way to pray throughout my daily routine.

With every stage/step of my morning cleansing routine, I pray for a different aspect of mine and others’ lives. For example, whilst brushing my teeth I would say a simple sentence in my head “Heavenly Father I would just like to thank you for blessing me with another day…” Or whilst washing my face or in the shower I would either pray out loud or in my head, another sentence, “Lord, I would just like to ask that today will be even better and more productive than yesterday…”. You can use this time in the morning to help kick start your day with just a few simple sentences.

I also repeat this throughout the various stages of my bedtime routine, whether I’m taking off my make-up or washing/cleansing/moisturizing my face I always say a prayer as a thank you for another day completed.

I’ve found that this method of prayer really does help me in lifting my spirit and I carry that attitude and spark with me throughout my day. So all I ask is that you try it out and let us know your own opinion of this simple method.

Des’ree Obi