Feed’Em invites all to come as they are in new release ‘Hats & Hoods’

“Hats & Hoods at the altar, gun fingers in the air, come as you are like you just don’t care, my God will meet you there” are some of the powerful lines from UK artist, Feed’Em on his latest song ‘Hats & Hoods’. Following on from the success of Murder The Flesh Pt.3, featuring Zelijah Tishbite and Tneek, the Congolese born grime MCs is at it again with a hybrid Gospel Grime & Drill vibe.

If you are familiar with the early Grime culture you would have come across the term ‘no hats, no hoods’. This was a prejudice term subsequently used to deny access to certain groups of people at some venues. The rapper draws parallels between the Grime culture and Church culture. Some people can have a stereotypical view of people that wear hats and hoods. Exploring the concept further, ‘Hats & Hoods‘ presents an altar that welcomes all and is less focused about church clothes.

Produced by Chakee T, the song is very easy to listen to. Laced with clever wordplay, grimmy and drilly flows and thought provoking lyricism. ‘Hats & Hoods‘ is part of Gospel of Grime, The Mixtape. This will be Feed’Em’s 3rd studio project which is set to be released this year.

Hats & Hoods‘ is out now! Download/Stream on Spotify | Apple Music | Deezer.

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