Ex-convict & former drug dealer Cerose drops new track & video

This fresh new hard-hitting release ‘Milenium Reign’ is from Cerose, a newly signed artist to FERO Records. Cerose is an ex-convict, former drug dealer and a well known underground ‘gangster rapper’ who having now become a Christian is on a mission to share Jesus’ message to the world.

Cerose grew up in Brixton, South London and spent many years in the UK music scene working with artists such as Gigs, Blade Brown and Ghetts to name a few.  Two prison sentences later he began to feel the calling of God over his life. He started reading the bible and the word of God convicted him instantly.

Now, Cerose says he is “on a mission to use rap music to prophesy of Jesus’ return, wake up the sleeping church and point lost souls to the Christ whilst expose the wickedness of false prophets and false teachings”.

He went on to say, “My music may be offensive to some but it’s what people need to hear”.

Seems there is going to be some serious heat coming over the next few months and if ‘Milenium Reign’ is a taste of the boldness and unashamed representation to come, then there’ll be only one place to run to for shelter…

Cerose’s new album Maranatha drops soon so keep in touch with him on Twitter for more info.

O’Neil Dennis