Event Review: Sean C. Johnson live in Stirlings, Birmingham

On the 27th July 2017 Zion Promotion and GL360 hosted a Sean C. Johnson concert, at Stirlings Bar in Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham. The venue was accessible as it was walking distance from the city centre. The room where the event took place was fairly small which resulted in it getting warm. However the small space made the event very personal and intimate. This was lovely as it made it easier for everyone to socialise with each other. It was not your typical church type event, despite the fact it was located in a bar we still prayed and focused the event on God as well as having a good time. I loved the layout of the whole room with the floor being the stage and with people seated and standing. The different coloured lights added to the overall chilled, gospel, R&B, neo-soul vibe.

The event kicked off with ATTY, a gospel group born and bred in Birmingham. The crowd loved them and they were well received. Their performance was really good. I loved the way they danced and involved the crowd by performing a mash up with a song they had written and ‘Don’t Let Go‘ by En Vogue. This livened up the crowd as they could participate by joining in and grooving along. They had a powerful start, overall ATTY did well opening up the Birmingham show as new upcoming and developing artists. We look forward to seeing more of this great group!

Following on from ATTY Shanteh Fuller took to the stage. A south London young lady from Brixton. She had the whole package; lovely character, an amazing voice, unique fashion sense and performance. Shanteh was able to engage the crowd as she brought great energy to the room. As Shanteh’s set came to an end she left the crowd excited and ready for Sean C Johnson. Just what any headliner would want before coming on stage.

Last but not least the man himself Sean C. Johnson all the way from America took to the stage at 19:40 leaving him enough time to perform a quality set. The atmosphere was exuberant, the lights were low, phones were ready to capture the spectacular show Sean C had lined up. As Sean C Johnson walked on stage, the crowd erupted with great cheers and you could see the cameras frantically flashing. The crowd was going crazy. His performance was great. People were singing, dancing and vibing along to his songs, one in particular ‘Mountains’ this proved to be a big hit on the night as everyone was turnt up. Sean C had everyone captivated with his REAL inspirational lyrics and smooth tones, causing a social media buzz everywhere! What made the night with Sean C Johnson even more authentic for me was the interviews before every other song. Through the many questions, Sean C Johnson answered with much transparency and humility which to me made the concert even more amazing. I, along with many other people, thought that the frequent interviews made the night interesting and enjoyable. For all those who did not attend you truly missed out on a sensational, original, wonderful opening event in Birmingham for Sean C Johnson.

Audience Feedback:

“Absolutely Amazing! Hit every target and catered for every need. Highly recommended for every city.” Marcel White 24

“ I enjoyed everything thing in terms of music. Venue was a bit hot .” Bithia Brown 32

“The talking was really good but I would prefer more singing and not so much talking.” Natasha Monroe 19

“ Went well a good vibe, a great artist to bring over !!” Clarice Morgan-Gadd 22

“Saucy, enjoyable and fun“ Larina Watson 22