Ekklesia release critically acclaimed video for ‘Where You Are’

Ekklesia release an overwhelming video for their single ‘Where You Are’ from the ‘Atmosphere’ album, featuring incredible vocals from Jazz Ellington who also penned the lyrics.

From the moment you push play, what unravels is every parent’s nightmare. The powerful shots show a Member of Parliament who clearly was once respected, reduced to nothing as he is prosecuted. However, midst the pain and suffering comes a redemptive message as Ekklesia and Jaz Ellington declare hope in that all we need is to be ‘where You are’.

An intense yet beautiful picture of grace is then painted as we see reconciliation and forgiveness, echoing a message that is particularly relevant over Easter. The incredible blend of harmonies that beautifully sit over the piano and cello make this music video something that you are going to have on repeat, especially over this weekend.

Check out the incredible video above!

Josh de Thierry