Egyptian Hip Hop artist Double M دبل إم raps in Arabic & English


Double M aka The Founder, is an Egyptian Hip Hop Artist (rapper & guitarist) and speaker. He was born and raised in Alexandria, Egypt. He grew up in a very musical family (Mother is a pianist, brother is a drummer and some of his other family members were also musicians). Growing up he wasn’t only influenced by his family’s musicality but he was also influenced by West Coast Hip Hop from America. Through this influence he started rapping at the age of six.

Even though he grew up in a Christian family he didn’t became a true follower of Christ until his teenage years. “I was supposed to be a scientist or a researcher. I love science but I love music more” says Double M, who is an Anthropologist majored in Prehistory and also had studies in Philosophy, Political Science, Theology (Christian, Islamic and others). Being well educated and a thinker he is just as comfortable using his music or talking; preaching or debating with atheists, Muslims and youth in general to show them Jesus.

He raps in English and Arabic and is currently working on his Italian. He has released 2 CDs; ‘Love Revolution’ (available on Amazon | Google Play | iTunes and more recently “Breaking Down Walls” featuring other artists from USA.

When asked what he would like to say to his UK fans Double M commented, “It always amazes me how the church is designed! Christianity is a huge family that breaks all the boundaries. We are all members in Jesus’ body; we are all a part of a worldwide church, we are family. So to my family in UK, Thank you for your support. It means the world to me. I prayed for a long time for you and am still praying. May the Lord bless you all and use us together to change the world as our Lord started this revolution 2015 years ago“.

Check out one of his most recent releases below.


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