Eat grass to get closer to God in South Africa!

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International Business Times discovered a church in South Africa called Rabboni Centre Ministries led by Pastor Daniel which encourages its members to ‘eat grass’ to get closer to God. I do not remember Jesus teaching us that to get closer to him, we need to eat grass. These are seemingly innocent doctrines that the bible warns us about, to be careful of.

Humans are very intelligent and our spirit and that intelligence indicate to us the difference from what is of God and what is not of God. If anyone told me to eat grass to get closer to God I probably wouldn’t even bother to ask “Where does it say so in the bible”. It is indeed very sad to think that some people get so easily led by others who most times have questionable motives. Dedicated Christians need to start to think rather than just use their hearts and be led by emotions alone. Try the spirit, question everything.

I would advise anyone reading this to start to think, and not just blindly follow whatever a so called ‘Man of God’ says. In the meantime let those among us who are stronger, unite in prayer for those more easily influenced.

God bless

Michael A

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