E Tizz – CLAP CLAP ft Jai [Audio]


Not quite a new release or ‘fresh music’ like a few days/weeks old or anything but we still love the E Tizz Clap Clap ft Jai track, so thought we would be a little cheeky and slip it in as fresh rotation.

And if even only one of you is hearing it for the first time then that is justification enough. Ok well not quite but forgive us. If you were in our position listening to this in the early hours of the morning then you would definitely understand. #stayawake

E Tizz has been referred to as the future of Christian music and this track taken from the album ‘What I Gotta Say’ definitely gives a very good reason for the accolade. Bouncy but not cheesy, sincere without being overburdening, nicely balanced and simply memorable Step FWD says Clap Clap if you love this one! Now that was cheezy.

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