Dwayne Tryumf – Live in Concert (Album) out June 10th

dwayne tryumf

Guess who’s back, back again. Dwayne is back, tell your friends… Well if you hadn’t heard Dwayne Tryumf is back this year after a spell learning Mandarin Chinese among other things.

With plenty shows line up this Dwayne looks set to make bigger movements for the Kingdom than ever before. And lets not forget that this artist is the one whose “777 (Mark of the Peace)” album a few years ago rocketed to number 1 in R&B and number 3 on the Hip Hop US Amazon charts and was top 10 in 3 different countries on the apple.com iTunes charts. In the UK he reached number 1 in the UK Amazon MP3 Hip Hop charts and 12th overall best selling album on Amazon UK. The album received a rare 5 stars from Dasouth.com and was declared ‘remarkably good, nearly perfect’ by Rapzilla.com. The album featured UK Christian artists like Jahaziel, Reign of Fire, ‘Incognito’ lead singer Tony Momrelle, Muyiwa, Ryan Carty, Copeland Green to name a few.

So for us at Step FWD, hearing, rather, knowing he is back is excellent news as we believe with all our hearts that 2014 will mark another milestone in the UK music scene.

Live and unleashed, Dwayne Tryumf will deliver his best musical offering to date with full band.
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