Dwayne Tryumf Announces New Clothing Line – THISISME.US


UK Hip Hop veteran Dwayne Tryumf has recently released his new clothing line – THISISME.US, carrying a incredible message of self worth.

Dwayne Tryumf is well known for hits such as ‘I Don’t Pack a Matic’ and ‘African Drum’ which was the Step FWD UK Christian Chart #1 track in April 2014 and many more.

Tryumf recently told aStepFWD that THISISME.US’s slogan, ‘Love Thy Self’, is inspired by his desire for people to know that “God wants them to love them selves, because love must start with us before we can effectively pass it on to others”.

The words that make up the ‘I AM’ design are there as a constant reminder of the God we serve and that we are His creation.

The clothing line has taken off well, with T-Shirts selling out across Germany, the USA and the UK. The Tee’s are now restocked so click HERE to get yours now and spread the message!

Josh de Thierry


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