Dr. J releases 2nd single ‘Belong’ which explores painful experiences & more

‘Belong’ is the 2nd single from the upcoming 3rd album by Dr. J and it explores his “painful personal experiences with racist abuse” in the UK and “how my faith in Jesus and the hope of heaven speak into them.”

Unlike his previous single ‘Forever’, ‘Belong’ is a much more mellow, bass-driven cinematic soul tune with a hip-hop production ethic that evokes a focus on the musicality of the production as a defining feature. Sub-bass, birdsong, a rich piano-riff and a 60-piece string section come together to create a foundation for the message of the healing that Jesus has brought to Dr. J in his experience with racial abuse.

Addressing the context of the hostile environment that the UK has become to people of different ethnicities, Belong also asks the question, “what has become of the land I was born and grew up in” and reflects on the reality that home is ultimately where we’re headed in Christ and the hope and the freedom that comes with that.

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