Distinct & Faith Child are the latest to step up to the mic for PG Bars

Distinct: Faith

Distinct, the young old duo took up the challenge last week while Faith Child, a leader in UK Christian music faced the mic last Tuesday.

From the Grime that Natty spits, to the straight Hip Hop from Truthz, the duo left a huge mark on the series after killing their session. Not only are they clearly talented and have the ability to build complex flows, but they also spit with a wisdom that is past their age. Their last single ‘I’m Free’, which featured the likes of A Star and J.Williams, also showed this and you can download it here.

It may have been Faith Child’s first Freestyle video but he was up next to kill the session. There were high expectations from his fans and he came in hard from the very first bar. His grime inspired session was not only impressive by his tight quick flow with multiple rhyme schemes, but he also consistently kept this up with bringing the Gospel into his bars. Faith Child has been performing some new songs recently, so keep on the look-out for any updates on his next project.

You can watch both the PG Bars sessions below now!

Josh de Thierry