Devotion release brand new single ‘Darkest Days’ with official music video

Talented brother and sister act Devotion announce their exciting new single ‘Darkest Days’ marking their second 2016 release. This fresh track follows on from ‘Loving You’ which broke their spell away from the musical limelight. Devotion have been behind the scenes and in the studio working tirelessly on new material.

‘Darkest Days’, the new addition to the Devotion catalogue, depicts the struggle emerging from their darkest of days and into what they would describe as “a beautiful freedom”. The song written by Devotion and produced by statis is a melodious ballad which captivates the listener and takes them on a journey that encourages them to reminisce about their own experiences of rising like the fabled Phoenix from the ashes of their own past dilemmas. It’s four splendid minutes on a rollercoaster of emotions which will make you realise how grateful you are to have life itself!

Hailing from the multicultural streets of South East London, Devotion are a seasoned Soul and R&B group comprising siblings Daniel and Peace Oluwatobi who have grown from virtual unknowns to a recognised local act, plying their trade and honing their skills performing across the country since the tender age of 9.

They have honed their craft up and down the country and have been honoured to perform at venues steeped in musical tradition such as The Hackney Empire, and to place another feather in their cap, Devotion were one of the first artists to perform in the House of Commons alongside the enigmatic Jermain Jackman (Winner of BBC’s Voice 2014).

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O’Neil Dennis

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