Devastating effects of pornography on especially the young


I opened my laptop and the first thing I saw when I logged into my Facebook was “Blackburn boy, 13, rapes sister, 8, after watching porn on Xbox” according to This is Lancashire Telegraph. When I saw the news item my jaw dropped. An innocent young girl has now been scarred for life because of experimentation by her brother, how sad.

The youngster, from Blackburn, told police he had been watching porn on the games console with a friend and ‘decided to try it out’. He said he had chosen his sister because she was small and ‘couldn’t remember stuff’. This is called taking advantage. Is this a true brother. I am glad support is been offered. I have a sister myself and such a thing would be totally unacceptable if it crossed my mind. Unfortunately this is reality, this is society, a sad, disgusting society and people are the product of their environment.

Parents really need to work hard to clamp down on such things and minimize them as much as possible. We may not be able to stop porn been produced, as it is a multi-billion dollar business and it will continue to get worse. But we need to find a strategy to stop our younger generation been affected and victimized by this act. What would you do?

Michael A