Dee Moore – DON’T WAIT ft Breaker [Music Video]

Love the testimony at the beginning. Short, to-the-point and sincere. The track comes in unassumingly and the remix is very nicely paced. So many times remixes try to pack everything in too soon, robbing the track of the original context which is what actually gives premise for remixing it in the first place. Thankfully this wasn’t one of those instances.

With vocals perfectly suited to the slower paced single line vibe of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Dee Moore does an excellent job of this remix. Breaker’s natural pace blends nicely and adds exactly what was needed to take it to that head-bopping, rhythmic feel. Credit to the music producers and videographer as the music video also put the message of the track ahead of any gimmicky temptations that other Christian music genres sometimes get caught up in.

Overall a really great effort from the GL 360 team in a genre that doesnt see much Christian input. Hopefully music with such beautiful and straightforward lyrics will get more of the recognition that it deserves.

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