Davy Flowers in an amazing clip of poetry in the Spirit

davy flowers poetry

BarryinJesus encourages you to ‘listen to DAVY’s poem if you need 15 minutes to recollect who you are and who HE is. Use this to arrest your attention, use this as recollection to regain composure, to fight perspectives that are not Godly, to pray and insist on your perspective and clarity that lines up with Jesus.

This is an amazing clip of poetry in the Spirit. Rapturous adulation perfected by a God Lover. Davy Flowers transforms the air and brings us into a special, free zone where only His Spirit is attested to! Done in a kind of dub poet style, this work is ready to clean up any poetry slam, for Jesus rules! Lord Jesus, may You alone be honored and glorified by the Word she speaks and may all who hear be transformed from Glory to Glory.

I pray this will edify you and help you align under Him, and Him alone. Your clarity is everything…15 minutes is all it takes!’

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