DavidB releases brand new EP on 2nd June, 2014

davidb catj

‘Care About The Journey’, the highly anticipated EP, is a project which is slowly but surely reinforcing the truth that DavidB is a force to be reckoned with. Taking us on a journey with the hashtag – #CATJ, DavidB is set to finally release this original body of work on the 2nd of June, 2014.

With what seems like a carefully thought out plan, DavidB kicked off 2014 with an interview style documentary which delves into the artist’s journey as a budding musician, the struggle of gaining back self esteem after being kicked out of medical school, and his candid thoughts on the music industry.

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The inspiring and honest documentary was then followed by the EP’s lead single – ‘Ijo Ya’ which is about not letting the cares of life weigh you down, but instead, being thankful for what you have. DavidB connects with his African roots and fuses afro elements with dance and electro pop to create ‘Ijo Ya’. The message in this song is definitely brought to life as DavidB dances the night away in the music video; showing yet another side of his artistry which many might be unfamiliar with. This single is catchy, and quite frankly, it just makes you want to dance and it is no coincidence that ‘Ijo Ya’ means ‘Time to Dance’.

Watch ‘Ijo Ya’ (Music Video)

In the Interlude of this 8-track EP, DavidB tells the story of ‘Care About The Journey’ like this:

“There’s a lot to be learnt on the journey to destiny. The journey is just as necessary as the destination and there is an importance in absorbing as much as possible through the good, bad, and the ugly. It’s through these obstacles and challenges that we learn virtues such as patience, contentment, and love which help build good character making us able to handle the greatness that lies ahead of us. I am DavidB and I Care About The Journey.”

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