David Keigh Steps Away from Music

After nine years of music, David Keigh, formerly known as Faith D, is taking a hiatus from music. The surprising news broke out 7th January 2016 on Facebook, when David Keigh announced to his network, “I will be stepping away from music and following the new plans God has for me. I don’t know for how long. But I believe God is leading me to turn my attention to the new plans He has for me. This was a very hard decision to make as music is my number 1 passion. Also, plans to release my first album was just around the corner. But when God speaks, you must obey.”

So what exactly are these new plans God wants David to do?

For quite some time now I felt the Lord impressing on my heart that He didn’t call me to be an artist. At first I thought it was satan talking to me. How can God tell me this isn’t my calling, when it’s bringing glory to him and touching people’s lives? So, I ignored His voice. I thought it was the enemy trying to stop me from doing the work of God.

However, as I continued to ignore the Holy Spirit, doors around me began to shut. It was hard to write songs. I had almost a year of writer’s block. Hardly anyone was contacting me to perform. Even if they did, things would get in the way and I couldn’t perform. I then remembered when I was 16 years old I had a vision. The Lord appeared to me and told me two things, “Go tell my Lost sheep to come and eat this bread. Pastor my sheep.”

Now I don’t think God is telling me to set up my own church. But over the years I’ve had a growing compassion and passion for counselling and pastoring people who were either struggling in their faith or were new converts. And up until this day, I still get random messages on Facebook from people asking me to pray for them. Or from those who were at the edge of life and felt the need to contact me for prayers or encouragement.

I have a massive heart for pastoring, mentoring, preaching and evangelizing. I believe this is what God wants me to focus on, and my calling to shepherd. So whoever God sends my way, they are the ones God wants me to minister to.

I may return to music one day, but for now it’s out of sight. I recently just got married too, to my beautiful wife Eve. I believe God wants me to steward that very well, and give all my attention to my wife and son. Also, provide, protect and love, as Christ loved the church and laid his life for her.

So what’s next for David Keigh?

There’s amazing things God wants me to do beside pastoring/mentoring. I’m diving into the world of becoming an author and I’m in the process of releasing my first book which will come out sometime this year, 2016. I will give more details soon.

I will be recording music privately when I get the chance. Nevertheless, I will not be actively performing or releasing any music anytime soon. I’ll be focusing on building my family, being a good husband to my wife, a good role model to my son and preaching the gospel anywhere I go. It’s going to be exciting and I look forward to people reading, hearing and seeing the mature side of Christian Faith.

You can still connect and stay up to date with me on Twitter @DavidKeigh / Instagram