David Bondze releases ‘Solve For X’ reminder to turn praise on

‘Solve For X’ is the latest release from David Bondze who explained about the song as follows, “I am a Ghanaian singer-songwriter, and my life is always reflected in my kind of music. This widens and deepens my life experiences. When my life is fuller, my music is fuller. And from a more literal perspective, I definitely pull from my life when it comes to this project. I do not allow environmental factors to deter who I am as a person. I am now in a place where I have to be truer to myself first before anyone else.

I ran from GOD during a tough season in my life, and all I was left with was my limited ability to cope with what I was dealing with. As a creation of GOD, I am an integral part of Who He is. ‘X’ represents GOD; the One inviting me to draw near to Him, so I can experience His love, peace, understanding, goodness and mercy.

Solve For X is a song I wrote in the year 2011. In that era of my life, I was overthinking almost everything and attaching negativity to my thought processes, I needed a lighter and an uplifting way to break free. GOD has been my foundation all throughout life (in-as-much as I tend to every now and then, forget about what He’s capable of). GOD has been good to me before, and I needed that reminder that, if He’s ever been of real help to me in the past, then He’s more than capable of coming through for me again in the now.

Anytime I feel like I am sick, weak, broke, hungry, depressed, restless, overwhelmed, lonely and all the difficult moments I have experienced – Solve For X is a quick reminder to turn my praise on. Praising GOD makes a real difference. Of course, it’s never easy but it’s been worth the trouble to need on the Lord during tough times.”

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