David B, to be or not to Be David

Be David. That’s the title of the newest EP from Nigerian born, Manchester native David B. He’s shown his vocal prowess across multiple releases including ‘Titi Lai Lai’ & ‘Made Me Glad’. This is exciting and a great step for David B as he continues to gain ground in Nigeria where he currently resides.

Read his thoughts behind the “Be David” EP below and listen out for news of it’s release.

The phrase ‘care about the journey’ (the title of my last EP) changed my life and I hope it impacted yours too. It is my mantra. It continuously reminds me that ‘it does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live’. It challenges me to not just look forward to the future but to also intentionally bask in the greatness of now, as it’s the little steps that get you to your destination. Now, I have another story to tell – ‘Be David’. In a world where it is so easy to get lost in a facade, and it is pretty convenient to forget who we are, we need reminders to be everything we were created to be. I hope I can be that reminder for you. I wish that this is another phrase that resonates with you too and motivates you to love you, and be you, fully. My EP – #BeDavid – will be released soon! ___ #DavidB #BeDavidTheEP #CATJ #BeDavid ___ Artwork: @orunor

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