Dave Griffiths enjoys a bit of ‘horsing around’ in fun vid for ‘Pure Revelry’

Established writer, producer and singer Dave Griffiths has a bit of fun in the video for the latest release ‘Pure Revelry’ off his debut album Here and Now. Dave is a well known figure from his work with BOSH and Chaos Curb Collaboration and brings some light-hearted approach cheer to many in Weymouth, Dorset where the video was filmed.

We asked Dave to tell us a little about the song and initially strange video which stars Happy The Horse and he said, “The song is about being so free in God’s love. ‘The fullness of joy is in His presence’ – based on Psalm 16:11. It’s something I’ve found to be true – and his ‘presence’ is everywhere we go! So the video just had to be silly and fun and about joy.”

Here & Now is available as physical CDs and digitally via Bandcamp.

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