Datin is vehement that ‘CHH aint Dead’ in fiery song

Datin is ticked off and for good reason it seems as he defends CHH (Christian Hip Hop) in his latest song. “Ooh I’m upset, read this post and it said: ‘Don’t label me no Christian rapper, CHH is dead. I’m thinking this little boy ain’t take his meds, how ignorant and prideful of him, it must be gas that inflates his head.”…” are the opening lines from Datin as he evaluates.

The track sits in what can be deemed a rebuttal/diss track as he rides the gritty East coast drums of a parade like instrumental built on swelling orchestrations. He lays out his argument for why CHH isn’t dead by naming a plethora of artists that are prominent in the scene. He also voice his reasons for the song with poetic aggression, liken to a battle rapper on the attack as he defends the vets and the cause of CHH referencing Tunnel Rats & Cross Movement.

“Just like the homie opened the door for me, I’m gonna turn around and open the door for more emcees..”

This is song is sure to gather the troops… Its been a while since a record like this has been done.