Daphne Richardson releases soulful 5-track debut EP “Authentic”

Since Daphne Richardson’s debut in 2020, she has been making great strides in the music industry. Now for the first time, a monumental moment, we are glad to announce her first body of work on the 20th day of May, 2022. Canadian singer/songwriter Daphne Richardson is not called a music powerhouse for no reason. Featuring MOBO award-winner CalledOut Music and Folabi Nuel, Daphne adds new melodies to her catalog. Born from personal experiences and Daphne’s passion for rebuilding hearts and minds through her music, “Authentic” takes us on a journey of self discovery in Christ while reaffirming God’s love for each of us.

“Authentic” is a soulful 5-track EP packed with inspiring lyrics and lovely vocals that will have you thinking about the importance of true Authenticity. It reminds us that although we are a work-in-progress, we can find completion in the love of Christ. The beauty of that love is felt in every track as she sings about the victory we find in Christ as believers despite the struggles we go through. After a few listens, there’s no doubt that this project will keep fans wanting more.

When asked about the EP, Daphne says; “Whether it be that God’s love greets us every morning, or that He’s not done with us, or that this Christian journey is worth giving everything for – each song has a message for the listener to receive and be encouraged by. I pray listeners feel the passion and excitement that we felt as we created these songs. I hope it does something in the hearts of everyone who hears it.”

This EP contains perfect tracks for your praise and worship playlists. Released under HFP Music, artwork created by JaBrand Design, “Authentic” is available to download and stream on all digital streaming platforms from 20th May, 2022. The EP has 5 tracks in total. 


Track 1.  Worth It – written by Daphne Mahalia Grant, produced by Godwin Hillary

Track 2. Merciful God – written by Daphne Mahalia Grant, produced by Michael Olamide Idowu and Caylan Penny

Track 3.  Not Finished Yet – written Daphne Mahalia Grant, produced by Michael Olamide Idowu

Track 4.  Heavy– written by Daphne Mahalia Grant and CalledOut Music, produced by Godwin Hillary and Caylan Penny

Track 5.  Eternal Eyes – written by Daphne Mahalia Grant & CalledOut Music, produced by CalledOut Music

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