Dami Adeoye joins Hydration Records as the A&R Director

The Hydration Records team has just welcomed award-winning Producer / Mixing & Mastering Engineer Dami Adeoye. He will be supporting Hydration Records as an A&R Director growing as a label that places faith, family culture and high quality music first. Dami released the following statement below:

“In my new role as the A&R Director at Hydration Records, I am honoured to lead the label’s efforts in discovering and nurturing the next and current generation of Gospel and alternative music talent. Also, this partnership with a major label brings a new level of industry collaboration, amplifying our ability to champion artists and provide them with a platform to reach a global audience.

As the A&R Director, my responsibilities are twofold. Firstly, I am dedicated to identifying exceptional emerging artists who bring a fresh perspective to Gospel music, as well as adjacent genres like Afrobeats, Pop, R&B, Lofi, and Hip-Hop. Through a keen eye and ear for talent, I’ll scout, evaluate, and support artists in their creative journeys. Our goal is to not only discover talent but also to guide artists in achieving their fullest potential and artistic expression.

Secondly, our partnership with Integrity Music’s Integrated Music has expanded our network and resources. We have access to a wider pool of resources, further enhancing our ability to support our artists. This collaboration fosters a vibrant and dynamic environment where creativity and innovation flourish. The partnership with a major label elevates our reach and influence, allowing us to make a more significant impact on the Gospel and alternative music landscape.

In this role, I am committed to maintaining Hydration Records’ mission of uplifting souls through music and providing artists with a platform to inspire and resonate with audiences worldwide. I’ll work closely with our artists, guiding them on their creative journeys and ensuring their music reaches its full potential. 

I bring with me a wealth of experience working within the music industry as a producer and mixing engineer. I’ve had the privilege of working with seasoned artists such as Sinach and vibrant up & coming artists like Motown Gospel signee Jonathan Traylor

This new chapter in my career and Hydration Records’ journey is an exciting one. It represents a fusion of creativity, talent, and industry expertise, all aimed at nurturing Gospel music in diverse and contemporary forms. The future holds endless opportunities for our artists, and I am thrilled to be a part of this transformative journey.

For what we want to create here at Hydration Records fostering a family culture is vital for us. It nurtures strong relationships, fosters trust and loyalty, enhances creativity, builds resilience, and promotes artist development. This culture leads to the creation of high-quality music and the long-term success of the label. We want our artist to see Hydration Records as their home and the core of that is promoting a family culture.”