DaMention releases free EP ‘Blue Hearts & Golden Treasures’


‘Blue Hearts & Golden Treasures’ is DaMention latest project which has just released and is free to download now!

DaMention is an undoubtedly talented vocalist, musician and producer, and his latest project reflects this hugely. In Blue Hearts & Golden Treasures we are given a series of love songs where DaMention’s smooth voice and harmonies ride over the beats with a strong R&B influence.

The EP features some incredible artists such as IDEH; who’s beautiful voice compliments DaMention’s own, while we see spoken word from both Aurelia Pearl and Nego True, that causes the listener to stop and attentively take in every word spoken. The features are carefully placed, effectively ensuring that they impact without overburdening the project and create a perfect contrast against DaMention’s own powerful voice.

You can download ‘Blue Heart’s & Golden Treasures’ here for free!

Josh de Thierry

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