Coventry-based band KISH releases debut single ‘Breathe New Life’

Based in Coventry, KISH recently finished their “Wake Up Warrior” Tour, which took place in April and marked their debut appearance in Europe. On this journey, they’ve worked alongside recurring Top 10 UK Christian Chart artists Pyramid Park and Speak, Brother along the way.

After a successful tour, KISH are now gearing up for the release of their debut single ‘Breathe New Life’.

KISH wants to share with you the cry of a person that is facing (past tense) real mental struggle and suicidal thoughts. This is part of the personal journey of our lead vocalist; it’s not just an expression of the ‘nothing’ and the pain, but an expression of the hope that is there when everything feels lost.

“This song is a cry out to God asking him to rescue me, to heal me, to help me want to live again. The original chorus is just a plea for help but when we sat down and re-wrote the song we added a new chorus with similar lyrics but a different tone, a tone of certainness – that God will heal me, he will breathe new life into me. Because he has, I have been healed I have new life and it’s important that those listening to this song know that God is a God who heals, who helps, who saves those who are hopeless.” says Anna Lennard, Lead Vocalist.

This song is a testament to God’s healing power, to his saving grace. The God who rescues. The God who saves.

‘Breathe New Life’ is available on ALL platforms here & make sure keep up to date on their social media.