Compassion UK joins prestigious StepFWD Awards, releasing children from poverty 

AStepFWD is pleased to announce Compassion UK, as the headline partner for this prestigious StepFWD Awards this November. This collaboration marks a significant moment for both Compassion UK and StepFWD Awards, as it represents a coming together of remarkable causes and impactful initiatives.

StepFWD Awards celebrate excellence and achievement in various spheres of life, bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and those who make a real difference. AStepFWD is thrilled to announce that leading Christian Child Development Charity Compassion UK is our main Partner for this year’s event. 

Compassion believes it’s an injustice that worldwide more than 356 million children live in extreme poverty, as Christians, we have a Biblical call to care for the poor and love our neighbour.  That’s why Compassion works in partnership with the local churches in 29 countries to release children from poverty, in Jesus‘ name.  

This partnership provides a platform to showcase the importance of Compassion’s work and share inspiring stories of hope with StepFWD guests. In partnership with local churches, Compassion cares for children even before they’ve been born, all the way through to young adulthood, giving them support in every core area of their lives. Graduates of Compassion’s programmes often become changemakers, bringing hope and transformation to their families, communities and even countries.

“As an organisation, we are deeply inspired by Compassion UK’s dedication to improving the lives of children living in challenging circumstances, We love Compassion’s heart to live out God’s calling to love our neighbours and care for the poor.  It’s the very same heart that motivates the artist, innovators and leaders that we recognise an honour at StepFWD Awards,” said Dennis O’Neil, Founder of AStepFWD

This partnership will also be highlighted through various promotional activities, including social media, TV, radio broadcasts, and other media outlets. Compassion UK encourages the community to stay tuned and be part of this inspiring journey.

The partnership aligns with the core values of both Compassion UK and StepFWD Awards, emphasising the importance of compassion and recognition. Together, they aim to create a brighter future for children living in poverty, demonstrating that change is possible through kindness and shared dedication.

Compassion UK looks forward to a successful partnership with StepFWD Awards and continuing its mission to release children from poverty.

For more information about Compassion UK and its work to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name, please visit

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