Classic Releases Singles From Upcoming Project ‘Amazing Grace’

Classic recently released two incredible songs ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘Common Questions’ ahead of his debut album. The rapper’s debut is due for release in just a few weeks, and after the announcement that the release date was to be pushed back, the anticipation has certainly increased.

However, Classic released the single ‘Common Questions’ to compensate for the wait, and one thing it showed was that this project will be one that people will need and want to pick up.

By just listening to the two singles released, its evident that Classic wastes no time in bringing the Gospel to those listening. In the song ‘Common Questions’ he provides answers some of the issues that so many people struggle with and does so with his tight, composed flow over the calm beat.

Many are looking forward to the release of ‘Amazing Grace’ so make sure you pick it up as soon as it’s out!

Check out the title track ‘Amazing Grace’ below!

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