Church Remodel Societies View On Marriage


Since the authentication of the Same Sex Couple Marriage Bill was passed through the House of Lords, a controversial debate has begun whether marriage has lost its initial meaning. It has been argued that the definition of marriage has drastically changed over the years becoming a gender-neutral institution defined by consumer demands and political convenience.

Marriage is intended for a long life commitment between man and woman in order to live with one another, building the right foundation to have children for a family life. However, it’s biblical meaning has some what changed throughout the years with many changes happening recently.

The Evangelical Church have now said it is their task to remodel marriage to a society that has forgotten what it is. In the light of pressures that Christians and others will no doubt face in coming years, this new legal fiction provides a chance to model and teach what marriage really is about.

Although the law has changed, real marriage is and will always be exclusively a lifelong union between man and woman. We can acknowledge the fact the legal definition has changed but we should also understand that we do not need to conform nor approve of the legal fiction created. As Christians, we should have confidence to speak and teach the truth with grace and love; helping each other sustain marriage as a covenant before God.

Article as seen on Christian Today site.

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