Church Boyz | A DREAM ACROSS THE OCEAN | 20th & 21st July


Church Boyz’s A Dream Across The Ocean is a wonderful, uplifting musical that will not only stir your emotions, but also have you clapping your hands and stamping your feet.

Follow the story of Winston Morgan. Embrace his past and his disappointments: the fight for his family and also for his faith. Share his victories as they unfold and witness the fruits of his legacy. He had a dream and enough faith to believe that someday his dreams would come true. But what happens when he learns that some dreams are too hard to follow and some prayer’s seem to take too long to be answered. The song in his heart is no longer there, so can he hold on to what he first believed.

This is the story of not just one man, but the story of ALL people who have traveled across roads, mountains and oceans to build a better life for their family in strange new lands. They soon learnt that they not only faced social rejections, but religious ones too.

Experience the musical influences that helped shape British popular music; ska, reggae, calypso, soul and gospel et al; in an atmosphere that brings back fond memories of yesteryear: proving that.. What’s Old is New Again!

Get your tickets now for A Dream Across The Ocean 20th / 21st July at the Hackney Empire.