Chris examines a wilting sunflower and asks, are you still thirsty?

After being challenged by the wonderful head of Step FWD, Dennis, I was racking my brain for what to write to inspire a nation stepping forward for the gospel of Jesus. Without much avail I decided to go about my business since nothing was coming to me.

So I bought a beautiful sunflower for my fiancée after being inspired to be romantic again by ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Captivating’ by John and Stasi Eldridge. I strongly recommend these books for every man and woman seeking Life whether single, married or hopeful for either of these states.

With a poem in hand and a skip in my step I proceeded to make the journey from London Bridge to West London where she lives. As the journey went on, the petals started to loose their bright attraction and despite my attempts to keep the flower cool on the humid, heat-wave stricken London Underground, the flower continued to become more dull. I remembered how the flower once looked as I was drawn to purchase it as a symbol of love for the one I love. But it seemed much less than that now. I needed to get this thing into water fast! Then it hit me. What was happening to the sunflower was happening to so many Christians that deep down are thirsty for God but are not being connected to the living water we so need. We are wilting, just like that flower. Much of the time we are so caught up with doing ‘work’ for God, we are forgetting to drink of the water that makes us so alluring to the very people we are working to bring restoration to.

Food for thought: Are you thirsty for God or becoming more dull as you tirelessly ‘work’ for Him? Are people drawn to you like a bee to a flower or are your petals dying slowly as you are cut off from your water source. Thank God through Jesus we can ALL have conversational intimacy with the creator of the universe once again.

Let us be like Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus being taught by Him so we may lift him up so that people will be drawn to the Saviour of the World. Luke 10:38-42

Chris Borges Da Silva

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