Choir Masterclass announces more amazing speakers from UK & Europe

We are excited to announce the incredible roster of people who will be joining us at the Choir Masterclass on Saturday 24th April: Karen Gibson, Bazil Meade, Russell Scott, Audrey Mattis, Ken Burton, Anu Omideyi, Tore Aas, John Fisher, Paolo Viana, Lawrence Johnson, Ruth Waldron, Lea Kjeldsen, Lene Nørrelykke and Volney Morgan. Make sure you stay tuned though for further exciting reveals between now and the event day!

Those joining us on the day are some of the top of the top within the world of choirs, heralding from all across Europe and the U.K. Included are representatives from Denmark, Italy, Norway and Poland. It will be an exclusive gathering of choir leaders and choir directors that you are not going to want to miss. So make sure to stay tuned for all the updates and click the link to get entry to the Masterclass today!

Assistant Event Manager Jack Robson adds, “The Choir Masterclass is truly set to be a rare and momentous event offering the opportunity to hear and learn from an incredibly eclectic array of talent, all who are involved in some of the leading choirs of our day and age. It will be an absolutely incredible occasion to gather from not only across the UK but also from across Europe and even further afield too!”

And then, to make it even that bit more special for us all here at aStepFWD, the Choir Masterclass comes just as we celebrate our 7th anniversary. Over the last 7 years, we have had the privilege of championing and supporting an abundant breadth of diverse talent within the UK Gospel and Christian Music scene, from our nationally independent music chart, to featurettes, and now including our Masterclass series.

The Choir Masterclass will provide amazing opportunities to network, learn and grow from some of the best minds around. So don’t delay! Make sure to get your exclusive event access in just 3 easy steps by clicking the Choir Masterclass link/image below.