CHH Female Cypher Steps Up To the Plate

First of all, a big shout out to @iamporshalove, @speezlouise, @ily_rap, @ty_cage, @lady_adamas and @ChristianRapz. Now, I love my Christian Hip-Hop, but it hasn’t always been that way.

Once upon a time I used to think that Hip-Hop, as an art form, couldn’t be reconciled with a Christian context; I couldn’t divorce the culture surrounding gangster rap and the vulgarity of modern Hip-Hop from the art form itself. That all changed in 2010 when I came across “Crucifixion Description” by Hazakim. I fell in love with the amazing production and the deep theological content. My life would never be the same. True story.

Since then I’ve filled up my playlist with as much Lampmode as I could get my hands on as well as following the likes of the God Over Money crew; but one thing that has been conspicuous by its absence is female rappers. Maybe I just wasn’t looking hard enough, but I’d never come across some serious Christian female rappers…until several days ago. Enter the CHH Female Cypher Part 1. If part 1 is anything to go by, I’m looking forward to part 2!

Check it out and let us know your thoughts! Hit these ladies up on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; let them know that you appreciate the content.

But that isn’t the end of the story. See, we here at aStepFWD believe that UK rappers can’t just sit here and let our brethren overseas have all the fun. We are calling on UK based, Christian female rappers to come together for a cypher of our own!

If you love the Lord and want to get involved, drop us a line and let us know!

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