Chevelle Franklyn expresses love and adoration for God in new ‘We Will Sing’

Brand new release ‘We Will Sing’ from Chevelle Franklyn is indeed a beautiful and refreshing song that expresses love and adoration for God. One of my favourite lines from the song is, “Awesome is your majesty, oh how we worship you, beautiful One. Golden is your splendour.” It’s a powerful reminder of God’s greatness.

This amazing song will bring you into His presence. It can serve as a powerful tool to centre our thoughts and focus on what truly matters, by directing our worship to the only God whose faithfulness reaches to the skies.

The lyrics of ‘We Will Sing’ resonate with the psalmist David’s words in Psalm 108:1: “My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul. So, let this song kickstart your morning, fuelling you throughout the day.

‘We Will Sing’ is from Chevelle’s forthcoming album “South Wind Vol 1” due to be released 24th April 2024. In the meantime, join us in singing sweet melodies to our King!

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