Pop September 2022 Chart

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Top 3

Cover Track Artist Download/Stream
Unconditional ft. Davis
Title :Unconditional ft. Davis
Artist :Samu El
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Samu El
Does It Haunt You
Title :Does It Haunt You
Artist :Susie Mills
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Susie Mills
Just As I Am
Title :Just As I Am
Track Info :Please use the following google drive link to access my EPK which includes the artist profile and song story: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1vIYCBr4Zb47NMWI5aMBTTc2RnH9JmAWr
Artist :Metruth
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :Leeds, UK
In the Hills (Remix)
Title :In the Hills (Remix)
Artist :Tobi A
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Tobi A
Psalm 11
Title :Psalm 11
Track Info :Based on Psalm 11 - this song reflects the confidence in the psalmists declaration that refuge is found in the Lord alone. It’s full of catchy vocal hooks, powerful production and summer vibes.
Artist :Will Gray
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :London
Will Gray