RnB / Soul May 2022 Chart

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Top 5

Cover Track Artist Download/Stream
Title :Preach
Artist :Sondae
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
In The Hills ft. Tobi A
Title :In The Hills ft. Tobi A
Artist :Marvin Gredda
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Marvin Gredda
Title :Thrive
Artist :Eri Rhema
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Eri Rhema
Living Room
Title :Living Room
Artist :Wole Agbaje
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Wole Agbaje
Artist :M NORTH
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Last Days ft. Tula Lynch
Title :Last Days ft. Tula Lynch
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Your Crown
Title :Your Crown
Artist :Sharnelle McLean
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Sharnelle McLean