Afrobeat May 2022 Chart

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Top 5

Cover Track Artist Download/Stream
Stay With Me
Title :Stay With Me
Artist :Annatoria
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Easy ft. Bridge Music x Asha Elia
Title :Easy ft. Bridge Music x Asha Elia
Artist :Rehmahz
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Forever ft. 24ldz
Title :Forever ft. 24ldz
Artist :Kojo Dave
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Kojo Dave
Lords Day ft. Benny Bly
Title :Lords Day ft. Benny Bly
Artist :Tee Supreme
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Tee Supreme
Title :Kaare
Artist :Sayotheartist
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK
Lay Low
Title :Lay Low
Artist :TBabz
Date Published :29/05/2024
Location :UK