Contemporary Gospel August 2021 Chart

Welcome to the new UK Christian Charts integrated Artist Portal and Voting Page. Here you will find the multiple categories/genres populated with songs for you to listen and be blessed by. Thanks to the Play It FWD donors we have introduced a Phase 1 test update to our website allowing artists to manage their own profiles, submit releases easier and an all-in-one page for our audience to stream or download from. Comment below/Email feedback and let us know how you find this process.

The UK Christian Charts is the national charting system serving both emerging and established artists each month. Top tracks, as always, will be the combined result of voting from over 150 Judges and from you the Public (weighted 2:1 respectively).

Voting closed midnight Friday 30th July and UKCC results announced throughout the first week in August. 

Top 5

Cover Track Artist Download/Stream
Secure ft. Volney Morgan
Title :Secure ft. Volney Morgan
Track Info :Packed with a rich gospel sound and heartfelt declarations taken from the book of Psalms, the song ‘Secure’ brings a reminder of the peace and safety we find in the shadow of His wings.
Artist :Sarah Teibo
Date Published :07/02/2021
Location :London UK
Sarah Teibo
Only Jesus ft. Michael Oyo
Title :Only Jesus ft. Michael Oyo
Track Info :See artist bio
Artist :Efua Owusu-Boakye
Date Published :01/07/2021
Location :UK
Efua Owusu-Boakye
Youre Still God
Title :Youre Still God
Track Info :Check artist bio
Artist :Victoria Tunde
Date Published :18/06/2021
Location :UK
Victoria Tunde
We Hail You
Title :We Hail You
Track Info :Check artist bio
Artist :Nayaah
Date Published :18/06/2021
Location :UK
I Worship
Title :I Worship
Track Info :See artist bio
Artist :Debra Crown-Olu
Date Published :10/07/2021
Location :UK
Debra Crown-Olu
I Worship Your Name
Title :I Worship Your Name
Track Info :See artist bio
Artist :HayleyAdesina
Date Published :03/07/2021
Location :UK
Thank You Lord
Title :Thank You Lord
Track Info :Check artist bio
Artist :Glory Elofuke
Date Published :26/06/2021
Location :UK
Glory Elofuke
Praise Medley (Declare His Praises)
Title :Praise Medley (Declare His Praises)
Track Info :See artist profile
Artist :Debrah Olubukola
Date Published :28/06/2021
Location :UK
Debrah Olubukola