Canadian singer-songwriter Justine Charles releases ‘Song of Deliverance’

‘Song Of Deliverance’ is a song brought out from a conversation with God for over the years. It is a plea, and at the same time a longing, to come back to Him. It shares the idea of one’s thoughts about life, and the desire to awaken one’s spirit from slumber into one that is on fire for God. It is a relaxing, laid-back music but the message is profoundly strong. It is perfect for meditation, study and worship.

Justine Charles is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has a loving passion for God, people, and music. Based in Ontario, he writes new songs inspired by truth and clarity as he serves in his local church’s music ministry. Since 2021, in the middle of a global crisis, he has pursued his calling to share a message of faith, hope and love through different musical platforms. His debut single ‘Glorious Presence is an intimate, acoustic track which describes how it is like for him to worship God in the beauty of His holiness.