British Gospel Rapper Crown Jul£$ Speaks Out Against Persecution

CROWN JUL£$ is one rapper who is not afraid to speak out about the persecution of Christians. He was been born and raised in London, and brought up in arguably the best decades of music from Hip Hop, Jungle, Garage and Grime. 

He is the first to admit that there are a lot of strange names out, his being one of them. Faisal Jullius Gill. He thinks the combination shows diversity even as a conversation starter and explains, “When I introduce myself, people try to work out if I am Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or last but not least a Christian. So when I tell them that I am a Christian with roots from Pakistan I can almost always guarantee I will receive a response of shock, curiosity or confusion. I suppose God has intended there to be a reason to my name, to relate and relay a message to different cultures and backgrounds through my life and music.”

Crown Jul£$ was heavily influenced by the culture around him growing up. He started producing and writing, and despite it being a journey, understands fully that it’s shaped his present and future. The music he produced back then was never really officially released, which he thinks is “just as well because I now feel it was empty and soulless, representing a lifestyle that I am not proud of, however, it is the reason I am at this point today.”

He went on to tell aStepFWD that “I am extremely excited to be a born again Christian after all the ups and downs, being lost and searching. I have discovered who I am and now know my purpose through my faith finally, but it did take me a long time and I had to endure good and bad experiences to get here.

It wasn’t easy to study myself and not just take other peoples opinions as gospel over the real Gospel itself. The learning is still ongoing and my faith is always being tested but what I realise is that the truth of God always prevails.”

“I have been held back for too long by my own fault and so now I feel I have been raptured from my old life into this new life as a new creation in Christ and so I henceforth give you all my first album called RAPTURE which I am releasing 19th October 2015 under my artist name CROWN JUL£$.”

Crown Jul£$ recognises that in a changing world a different approach is needed to tackle the harsh environment we live in from pollution to politics. This is his aim through his music. He states that he is ready to put his neck on the line literally and lyrically. He is ready to step over and cross the line towards the path that he feels many are afraid to tread. Crown Jul£$ has a passion to be a music ambassador for the message of Christ and to represent the true living Most High God.

He recently released a single, ‘Fear No Evil’ which was written in response to the increasing persecution of Christians across the world. He declares that we don’t need to ‘Fear No Evil’; quoting Psalm 24.

A serious artist with a serious message for serious times! Check out the video below.