Brand new single from Martin Smith ‘Dancing in the Fire’ ahead of album

There’s a fire that never goes out. In the last couple of years Martin Smith, famed for inviting his listeners to join him dancing in the river and upon injustice has shared the experience of so many of us as we’ve faced up to times that have gone beyond challenging and testing and taken the worldwide human family in directions that many of us never thought we would have to go.

As Martin returns with his new single, the first from a new album to be released later this year, he’s still dancing and exhorting those who would join him to do so, but now he’s ‘Dancing in the Fire’. The single is produced by Jonny Bird and features a vibrant band that includes both family members and longtime lieutenants. Whether it’s the insistent groove that initially grabs you, the exuberance of Martin and the soaring backing vocals in its glorious coda, or the deceptive power and determination which underpins it all, this is a song that is sure to get you moving as we long for freedom together. 

Perhaps best known as the frontman of Delirious? and Army of Bones, Martin Smith has been both seeking to make history and encourage others to do so as a writer and performer since the late 1980s. Always seeking a fresh way of presenting timeless truths, as a calling card for the coming record, Dancing in the Fire feels like a perfect opening salvo. 

About the single, Martin says,

‘It’s been a hard year for people.. no live music.. no clubs or churches open.. the shared community experiences that we have normally taken for granted have been taken away and it’s left a void.

I’m hoping this song will lead people out of their sadness and into some joy. We’ve been through the fire but we’re still dancing!’

There’s a fire that never goes out. Long after the fire we’re living through together is but a painful memory, the fire of love will still be burning and, as it does, we’ll be dancing in the fire of love. Will this song be on the soundtrack?   (Haydon Spenceley)

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