Birmingham-Based Rapper Entitled releases ‘Evening Reflections’

Fresh from GL360 comes Entitled with his new video ‘Evening Reflections’. Check out this well versed rap track about how real Jesus is to him, with a nice chilled-out vibe and consistent flow.

Cleverly written, not only with a consistent rhythm in the lyrics throughout the whole beat but also with hidden mentions of UK Gospel’s finest in the words – including Guvna B, Faith Child and A Star. Entitled demonstrates real talent in both writing and delivery, and he’s just getting started!

Born and raised in Birmingham, Entitled has been on the gospel scene for three years now since his debut track, ‘Good Isn’t Good Enough‘, and he’s been wasting no time since. While studying Sociology & Politics at university he still continues his work as a recording artist. You can hear his latest EP, Just A Taste, released at the end of last year.

Evening Reflections is a part of his upcoming EP, Just A Taste 2 and if this track is anything to go by, then this a bound to be a good EP, so be on the look out for its release.

You can keep up with his works by following him on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.