Biggest UK Christian Talent Quest – Deadline Extended to June 23rd!

Are you a singer? Maybe you are a dancer? A ventriloquist? An illusionist? Or do you just like making people laugh? Well Just Out Of This World is the UKs No.1 Christian Talent Competition and they are back again; and this time round bigger than before as they are opening for auditions for all performing arts! Make sure to register for your chance to win from a £30,000 prize pool! This is going to be incredible!

The auditions will be taking place in London and Birmingham. If you are unable to make an audition DONT WORRY! You still stand a chance to take hold of this opportunity as auditions can also be done through a video link. The winner this year will get a £3,000 cash prize, make-over, photo shoot, website, promo video, plenty of exposure through YouTube and much, much more!

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to extend their ministry. If you missed the chance to register last month, the organizers were so kind that they even extended the date to register ie. BEFORE 23rd JUNE! I feel so excited I might just sign up…right now! (Click below image to register)


Michael O

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