BIANCA ROSE releases non-Valentine’s single ‘Another Day’ because…

Every day can be Valentine’s Day! London singer-songwriter Bianca Rose released, Another Day, a single she’s calling a ‘non-Valentine’s day, Valentines song earlier this week.  It’s a song for those who think every day is a day to show love to the ones you love!

Bianca explains: “I wrote Another Day post pandemic. One of the things that stuck with me as we emerged from that time was the importance of loving the people we love.  Actually showing love to them. When all is stripped away that’s mostly all that’s left.  I played this song on tour with Jake Isaac and it was the one that seemed to resonate deeply.  After almost every show, people in the audience would come up and say it reminded them of their grandparent who recently died, or their mum, or that they would love to have this song played at their wedding. 

For me it’s bit of a non-Valentine’s-Day-Valentine’s-Day-song. We can be doing all sorts of small or grand things today, but today is also an opportunity to show love to our people and ourselves.” 

Bianca has earned herself a reputation as a ‘thinking and feeling artist’ who likes to observe the human condition and turn it into art in the form of her beautiful songs.  She has an art of putting into words things we all feel and writing songs we can make our own as they resonate with our own stories.

Whether you’re single or attached Another Dayis a reminder that love can be felt, seen and expressed on any day of the year and comes in many forms – it’s not just for lovers.

An artist of British, Jamaican and Nigerian heritage, Bianca Rose first stepped on the scene in 2017 with No Fear Here, her self-released debut album which has amassed more than half a million streams to date. In 2021 she released her profound and stunning sophomore album, If You Knew, Would You Care? A proudly independent artist, Bianca co-founded I Am Independent, an organisation which serves to resource and support independent music artists, cross-pollinating advice and experiences from artists and music industry members alike.

Bianca has plans to release a series of singles throughout 2023 alongside a new live songwriters circle she plans to launch in the Spring.

To find out more about Bianca Rose, go to Facebook | Instagram || Download/Stream Another Day