‘Best Life’ brand new single from MOJISOLA out now

Singer-Songwriter MOJISOLA(MO-GEE-SO-LAH) has just released her new single Best Life’ – a delightful Afro-fusion/RnB song that celebrates life turning around a full 180° to be filled with new possibilities.

‘Best Life’ is all about unwavering hope that past and present can never be compared with what lies ahead. With beautiful strong vocals born to belt out power ballads, MOJISOLA sings filled with confidence that however good or bad you think you have it now, GOD has always got more. “I’m living my best life because of you, I’m a wonder to my generation, all because of you” Trust the process, trust the storm, trust GOD!

“I went through a very dark time a few years ago and suffered many losses. During that period, GOD opened my eyes to a lot of things I could and should have in life, instead of dwelling on what I had lost. The lyrics flowed from that situation, and the words of Psalm 71:6-7* sealed the song. I knew from that moment that greater things are ahead!”  – Mojisola

Best Life is an exciting example of Mojisola’s potential as a songwriter with its fusion of Afrobeats with traditional CCM, gospel and r&b influences. Inspired by singers with larger-than-life voices such as Cece Winans, Whitney Houston, Yolanda Adams, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard and Shirley Caesar, she is a likely candidate to follow in their footsteps, with a strong pair of lungs & powerful vocals that one could easily imagine belting out a spine-chilling James Bond theme.

During Covid, Mojisola had an unexpected viral hit with her song ‘Pray’ while working as a registered nurse. ‘Pray’ was featured heavily by her local BBC Radio Cambridgeshire as it gave people hope during the strange and unsettling times of the pandemic. Mojisola recorded ‘Pray’ just days before lockdown began and waited until she felt the Lord telling her to release it – just at the right time! She also sang ‘Pray’ on a catwalk show during London Fashion Week – breaking new ground for gospel music. 

Mojisola has turned down opportunities from scouts to perform on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent, in favour of allowing her music career to build naturally as she feels directed. She once auditioned for Pop Idol, when contestants were being auditioned to form Girls Aloud, having got through to the second stage, she was told by Louis Walsh that her voice would be more suitable as a solo artist. She was encouraged by the feedback to hear for the first time from an industry professional that she has what it takes to be a professional singer.

While she began to sing, at age 8 and write music at age 15, Mojisola finally stepped into a recording studio in 2016. From a Nigerian background, she has lived in both countries but mostly the UK. She is married with two children. When it comes to music she is passionate, energetic and driven by excellence for her craft. 

Mojisola is currently working on new music releases and live performances for later in the year. Look out for a video release for ‘Best Life’ next week. 

“For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, 

O Lord, from my youth. 

Upon you I have leaned from before my birth, 

you are he who took me from my mother’s womb. 

My praise is continually on you.” 

– Psalm 71:6-7 ESV

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