BadChristianRapNames hashtag trending on Twitter…Truepac, Pray-Z


Recently Rapzilla writer Steve Patton started a thread on twitter with the hashtag #BadChristianRapNames which since then has been trending a little more than expected with some surprising and funny additions.

Among some of the suggestions were Pray-Z, Notorious G.O.D., Truepac, Twerk Franklin, Hurricane Chris-tian, 3 Days Mafia, Timbaland of Milk and Honey, A Tribe Called Blessed, Jah Rules, Ludachristian, Holy Ghostface Killa, Talib Kwhalleluja

The thread was actually started by Rapzilla writer Steve Patton who said “… I was in a silly mood. While I had the sillies, I came up with the idea of a Christian rap name ‘Crawse.’ It made me laugh to myself and I shared it with some people around me. We all laughed and then … it hit me,” he said. “I wonder what other people would add to the discussion of something called #BadChristianRapNames.”

Do any of these suggestions rock your boat? If not then put your creative cap on. What would you suggest to the #BadChristianRapNames ongoing list?

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