B-FAM track for charities helping those affected by the Syrian conflict


Following the success of their first single “METIC”, Gospel rap group B-FAM have launched their second single entitled “Battleground” featuring Ram1 the MOBO nominated artist from Riddim Culture.

What distinguishes this track as unique amongst others is not only the excellent featuring artist but the cause behind the track.

As many are aware the conflict in Syria has displaced over two million people and caused death and destruction for over two years. The ongoing and increasingly violent civil war has moved the artists behind B-FAM to release their second single from their album under a new campaign to “Pray For Syria”.

The charity single “Battleground” hopes to not only raise awareness of the need to pray for peace and resolution in this war torn country, but also to raise funds to go towards the charities who are helping the refugees who have been forced from their homeland.

Purchase this track and support a worthy initiative.

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