Australian Indie singer-songwriter Eliza King releases debut album 

“The Pressing In” the debut album from emerging Australian Christian artist Eliza King, has now been released. Eliza partnered with local Brisbane film composer and worship producer Brett Shaw [who has previously produced music for Yaz Williams, Kingdom Culture Worship, Jessie-Rose Rayner, Jack Field] to craft an 11-track devotional worship album that explores the concept of beauty born through suffering. With songs intended to help steward a personal connection with God, The Pressing In describes what it means to live in friendship with Jesus, aware of the costs of following Him, and yet fully alive to the lasting joys such a life brings.  

“These songs paint scenes of ‘pressing in’ moments – of olive groves, narrow roads, alabaster jars, trees planted by the stream, and scars that speak of healing.”

As her first full-length project, this album follows the release of two EPs [Receive Him; A Fire Making Holy Ground] and a number of singles and collaborative projects released since 2020.  

Known for her vulnerable vocal performances and scripturally rich lyrics, Eliza’s previous releases have drawn a broad following from those who desire faith-based music that offers something different to the standard Sunday worship sound. Attracting an audience both locally and overseas (US and UK), Eliza’s music has connected to listeners from diverse denominational backgrounds, featuring on the popular Jesuit prayer app ‘Pray As You Go,’ the meditative music project ‘Verses,’ as well as regularly featuring on the playlists and podcasts of the US-based Indie-Christian community ‘One Big Family. 

The Pressing In is reflective and intimate in tone, with Shaw’s cinematic string arrangements and ambient textures building on Eliza’s unique sound as a songwriter. Four of the tracks feature collaborations with fellow Indie Christian artists, Tenielle Neda, Wilder Adkins, Ben Potter, and Kate Gurren, with Neda also co-writing Save Me’ and Adkins ‘All I Have Left’. 

‘Foolish & Ruined’, was the last of four singles released ahead of the album, and represents the more intimate, worshipful side of the project. Listeners can also expect the album to feature more of the indie-folk influences of ‘Narrow Road’ (single 1), scripture-centred lyrics like that of the Psalm 121-inspired ‘My Help Comes’ (single 2), and the intricate piano melodies and lush strings heard in ‘Olive Grove’ (single 3).

Eliza crowdfunded a significant part of the album’s production through a Kickstarter campaign launched earlier in 2023, and successfully raised $15,000 (AU) in 30 days through the generous support of her listeners. This investment has been well worth it so far, as the music Eliza is releasing continues to establish her as a valued artist in the devotional worship space. 


  1. My Beloved
  2. My Help Comes (with Ben Potter) 
  3. Prayerlessness
  4. Olive Grove
  5. The Better Thing
  6. Nothing Is Wasted
  7. Save Me (with Tenielle Neda)
  8. A Thousand Different Ways
  9. All I Have Left (with Wilder Adkins)
  10.  Narrow Road
  11.  Foolish & Ruined (with Kate Gurren)
  1. Poor In Spirit (with Brett Shaw) [Bonus track – releasing March 22] 

Connect with Eliza on Facebook | Instagram || Download/Stream her debut album “The Pressing In” today!

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