AUDIO: Emerging lyricist Art1st with track – Good Friday

Thompson Okuku is a poetic lyricist who goes by the name Art1st. Here he shares his latest creative output titled ‘Good Friday’. Art1st hopes to inspire, to encourage through faith and to shed some light using his thoughts, feelings, insights, visions, creativity, imagination, quotes, music and art.

At age 10 Thompson discovered he had the ability to write poetry, and had his poem on favourite foods chosen from a class of 30, along with one other to be read at assembly. Although it was first manifested at this time, art would take a lead role for the next 8 years as Thompson continued to write poems for friends and family.

Fascinated by the battle rap scene and influenced by the cussing matches at secondary school, by 17 he wrote his first lyrical rap and by 18 he started writing to music still keeping to his poetic style and poetry roots.

Fast forward to 32 and Art1st had this to say…

…I feel it’s time I shine light, upon what I write, that in turn it can take flight, into the people’s ears…

‘Good Friday’ was submitted to the April 2016 listing of the UK Christian Chart, which continues to highlight and showcase creative gifts from across the UK and beyond.

Heard any new music from upcoming or maybe even already established artists? Submit now to the UK’s official independent Christian music chart.


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