Out of the Ashes show off jazzier side in new ‘Just Breathe’ single

UKCC Top 10 band Out of the Ashes show off their jazzier side on their latest single. ‘Just Breathe’ features a fittingly simple arrangement for a song about finding space to rest and be with God. Backed by acoustic instruments and brushed drums, singer Penny Lyon is given plenty of room, allowing the lyrics to take centre stage.

Fans of the classic jazz and early R’n’B vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, or of Randy Newman’s storytelling delivery, will find a lot to love here.

Just Breathe is part of a new album from Out Of The Ashes which launches in May entitled “Get Out The Boat” and will be the band’s fourth LP.

The new album is full of maritime metaphors as is the song ‘Just Breathe’.

“What do we do when we’re in turbulent seas, surrounded by icebergs?

The answer offered by the group is simple, “Take a second to count the blessings you have… you need a little time with Me.”

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